You, FKP Scorpio & Viva con Agua – A social friendship since 2008

In 2018, you donated a phenomenal 170,000 euros for the water projects of Viva con Agua de Santa Pauli, in Ethiopia. For a decade, the association has been working to provide access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation. You can enjoy the current impressions of Viva con Agua Viva con Agua in Ethiopia here: the photos are taken by Henrik Wiards, VcA supporter and volunteer photographer. 15 supporters of the in Hamburg (GER) based NGO and the worldwide network had made their way to the trip in April 2017. Among them also the long-time supporter and musician Bosse. For more than 10 years, he has been calling on his fans to donate their refundable cups to Viva con Agua and its water projects. Now he looked for himself about what happens on the spot with the donations.

For more information about the projects and how to get involved with Viva con Agua visit vivaconagua.org.