Since 2009, FKP Scorpio has been securing their foothold in the Dutch tours business in collaboration with Friendly Fire and they can already look back on successful concerts and tours with artists and bands, such as Alt-J, Mackelemore & Ryan Lewis, Lykke Li, Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa.


The band Alt-J creates electronic folk music and its band members are thus able to combine their love for computers with their love for music. These electronic sounds are accompanied by delicate acoustic guitars, a-capella singing, dreamy melodies and the wonderfully fragile voice of lead singer Joe Newman. Alt-J cater to both electrical, as well as folk and indie fans with their music, and open up a whole new world of sound in which you should definitely delve into at least once – you won’t be disappointed.

Kendrick Lamar

If somebody's got soul, then it is definitely Kendrick Lamar. The U.S. rapper has the voice of Q-Tip, the aura of the early Jay-Z and the spirit of Tupac. Yet, Kendrick Lamar also differs from these just mentioned rap veterans with the content of his songs. After starting out in gangsta rap, Kendrick developed into a master of storytelling and assimilated his life story in his lyrics.

Lykke Li

Lykke Li is able to pull in all in her spell with her diverse, original and non-dogmatic Electropop and her unusual fragile vocal style, as well as her great live performance. Her international breakthrough came because of the artist’s musical contribution "Possibility" on the Twilight soundtrack "New Moon", which resulted in the exposure of Lykke Li to a much wider audience.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

From starting out as an insider tip to becoming the most coveted Act of the Hip Hop scene: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were quickly renowned to bringing the future of Hip Hop. They achieved all this on their own, since Macklemore & Ryan Lewis do not collaborate with any major record company. When the Hip Hop duo enters the stage, it means there will be a total state of emergency with all that a live production like this can offer.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa, the rap star from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the Pop star in the Hip-Hop Olympus. His musical influences consist of the East Coast rap tradition, the easy lifestyle of the West Coast, and the swagger of the Down South movement.