For 20 years now FKP Scorpio has made it its job to send artists "on the road". The tour business started in 1990 with “New Wave” icon Anne Clark - with fortunately - 20 sold-out shows on her tour. Many others have followed in her footsteps now – and shows have been organized in small club venues or entire stadiums, and of course everything in between. We see bands and artists as individuals at FKP Scorpio, and all our artists are correspondingly well cared for. We always look for the optimal solution for all parties involved. Long-term relationships and sustainable success are more important to us than a "one-tour-wonder". Over the last years, many hopeful newcomers were accompanied by us on their tours while climbing up the stairs of success: Apocalyptica, Placebo, James Blunt, Billy Talent, The Kooks and Wolfmother are just some of them.


The self-titled and platinum-winning debut by the Foo Fighters in 1995 established the band as a serious force in the musical genre Indie Rock; the double platinum album "The Colour and the Shape" proved that their success was not a coincidence. Over the years, the Foo Fighters were able to garner more and more and more fans, and they have been able to fill the largest arenas in the world, such as Wembley Stadium, the L.A. Forum, and Madison Square Garden in New York. Hits like "The Pretender," "Best of You", "All My Life", "Times Like These", "Learn To Fly", "Everlong", "Monkeywrench" and many others have now already become jewels of Rock.


James Blunt holds the world record for giving a concert at the highest altitude yet: On board of a private jet he once played a gig at 41,000 feet. Even now the Briton is still taking us a lot further with "Moon Landing" - his fourth album, which ties in seamlessly with his previous work. Of course, his name remains forever associated with one of his absolute mega hits of the noughties: "You're Beautiful" was a number one hit in the charts in ten countries, including the UK and the U.S., was sold multi-millions of times, and was the launching pad for his skyrocketing career.


The sound of Billy Talent unmistakably connects '70s Rock with early nineties Grunge that inspired the Quartet from the suburbs of Toronto, and catapulted them to the top charts in the noughties; that, and their mission to always give everything, to always unleash a firestorm when on stage, and to make every concert a unique experience drives the four Canadians forward in their by now more then 20-year career. Their mission was quite successful up till now. Billy Talent never sounded so emotional and never as alive as today, and they were never more ready to fulfill their role as trans-continental rock stars then now. It is impossible to live without these talented musicians, people who show us what it is about in the first place - it is about the song, about the concert, about the music itself.


Earlier this year, Tom Odell was honored with the coveted Brits' Critics Choice Award. The 22-year-old, who has been writing his own songs since the age of 13, lives a life of a seductive combination of idealism and artistic self-confidence. Tom Odell wants to let the music speak for itself, and if possible release an album every year. He happily exists in his own musical world. When he steps onto the stage and sits down at the piano, you can feel an experience and a maturity that you do not expect from such a young man. This is also the reason why Odell can trust his songs – because they are absolutely wonderful.


"In the last five years we played so many concerts. We constantly bathed in surges of adrenaline and gave 1000 %. Now we need more and more. That’s why „Babel" is such a fantastic and again typical album of Mumford & Sons. Everything is there, just like the previous album: The multi-instrumental arrangements, the creaking singing, the high art of songwriting, the wild mix of Folk, Bluegrass and a little Rock. And now, since the record is released, it goes on: "And now we've finished it we can get touring again," says banjo player Winston Marshall, "which is what we set out to do when we started the band. Back to business."