FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH is not only one of the largest German organizers for tours and local concerts, but also the largest festival organizer in Europe. The FKP Scorpio festival repertoire includes Hurricane, Southside, Highfield, Chiemsee Summer, M‘era Luna, Rolling Stone Beach, Rolling Stone Park, Metal Hammer Paradise, A Summer's Tale, Hamburger Kultursommer and Deichbrand. On the international side, FKP Scorpio hosts the Bravalla (S), Greenfield (CH), Indian Summer (NL) and Best Kept Secret (NL). Furthermore, FKP Scorpio is a tour partner of music giants, such as the Foo Fighters, James Blunt, Monster Magnet, Mumford & Sons, Blink-182, Wilco, Fleet Foxes, Faith No More, Band Of Horses, Death Cab for Cutie, Elbow, Feist, Gotye, PJ Harvey, Pixies, The Gaslight Anthem, Vampire Weekend and many more. And last but not least, FKP Scorpio is also the owner of the gourmet variéte theater PALAZZO, which opens its doors in the winter season in various European cities.


  • Founded in: 1990
  • Employees: Over 100
  • FKP Scorpio Executive Directors: Folkert Koopmans, Stephan Thanscheidt
  • Core Business: Tours, festivals, local concerts, arena operas, shows, and the gourmet variéte Palazzo. For more information about artists, concerts and tickets visit: www.fkpscorpio.com
  • Festivals: 23 international festivals
  • Contact: info@fkpscorpio.com