Our heart beats for music, bringing people together and inspiring them at events, concerts and festivals. Such events are important parts of our culture and therefore of great importance to us. However, larger gatherings of people have an impact on our environment and our surroundings.

We see it as our responsibility to take measures to reduce the ecological footprint of our events and to use our reach to educate about this issue. In recent years we have developed many measures and projects that contribute to more sustainable events. The respective projects are presented below. In addition, we are constantly working on further tools and strategies to ensure the sustainable development of our work.

We always take a holistic view of sustainability, which means that in addition to the ecological dimension, the social and economic dimensions are also of great importance. Our strategy therefore focuses on all three dimensions of sustainability.


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E-Mail: sustainability@fkpscorpio.com

Selina Becker
Company & Festival Sustainability
Tel.: 040-853 88 888
Fax: 040-853 88 999
E-Mail: selina.becker@fkpscorpio.com
Jana Geiger
Assistant Festival Production / Sustainability
Tel.: 040-853 88 888
Fax: 040-853 88 999
E-Mail: jana.geiger@fkpscorpio.com