The project "How do I get to Panama?" was created in 2017 to give our guests at the festivals the opportunity to ask for help at a low-threshold and to be taken to a safe environment, if they feel uncomfortable for any reason.

In order to help those seeking help to overcome their inhibitions to openly ask for help and to explain themselves, the code word "Panama" was introduced, with which all our employees are familiar and thus can help without hesitation and - most importantly - without asking what happened and why they need support of any kind.

All staff members (bar staff, security team, festival jobbers, police, medical team or other crew members) wear a green and red wristband with the inscription “Panama”. Whoever contacts these people and asks for Panama will be immediately escorted to a safe environment and will receive the help that is needed. The project "How do I get to Panama?" has now been adopted by other festivals, city festivals, major events and even the BVB as the first soccer club in the German Bundesliga.