“Grün Rockt” was launched in 2013 and is to be understood as the overarching project under which all sustainability projects at the FKP Scorpio festivals in Germany run.

With our “Grün Rockt” project we want to make our festivals more sustainable and to sensitize guests to this issue. Amongst other things, the focus is on counteracting the amount of waste generated at the festivals and reducing the waste of recyclable materials and food. In addition, the project includes concepts to reduce CO² emissions during travel and concepts to reduce water and electricity consumption. Another major component of “Grün Rockt” is the communication about sustainable issues, for which we work closely with various NGOs.

In detail the respective sustainability projects are listed on our festival pages under the point "Sustainability - Grün Rockt".

Hurricane Festival
Southside Festival
M’era Luna Festival
Highfield Festival