Climate change and the possibilities of its containment are also relevant for the music industry. We consider the reduction and compensation of CO² as one of the most important challenges of our time and have therefore been working for many years on various possibilities to reduce the ecological footprint of our events. Among many other projects, this includes the compensation of unavoidable CO², for which we have been working with Atmosfair gGmbH since the beginning of 2018.

Atmosfair compensates activities that cause CO² and for which there are no climate-friendly alternatives yet, for example by enabling projects that build up renewable energies in developing countries. The CO² emissions are thereby saved in the same amount in other places.

These compensation amounts flow 100 % into Atmosfair projects which are awarded the CDM Gold Standard seal. This means that the projects in developing countries make sense not only in terms of climate but also in terms of development policy. The CO² compensation via Atmosfair is currently being implemented in three different areas:

Touring vehicles

Since the beginning of 2018, artists have the opportunity to offset the CO² emissions of all touring vehicles, such as the Nightliner or Sprinter, through a partnership between FKP Scorpio and Atmosfair. Together with Atmosfair, individual compensation flat rates were created, which were calculated based on the respective vehicle types and distances. The respective compensation flat rates can be adjusted according to the tour. Through this CO² compensation, we and our artists, such as Ed Sheeran, Tash Sultana, Sam Fender, Amy Macdonald, Passenger, George Ezra, Freya Ridings, Poliça and James Blunt, have been able to donate around 21,000 € to our partners of Atmosfair since the beginning of 2018.

Arrival of the festival guests

At our festivals we always try to offer our guests a journey without a car, in form of a journey by train integrated in the ticket. Since we don't want to tell anybody how to get to the festival, we offer a CO²-compensation for the arrival and departure by car, which can be added voluntarily when ordering a ticket in our ticket store. To keep it as easy as possible for our guests, we have calculated a compensation flat rate together with Atmosfair, based on the average travel distance of our guests and the most used car type. This way, we came up with 50 cents as a compensation flat rate per trip, which makes 1 € for a one-time arrival and departure. The donations collected in this way are passed on 100% to Atmosfair.

Employee flights

Since our events take place all over Germany and Europe, we have to travel frequently to be at the respective events. However, we try to avoid air travel as much as possible and often take the train to travel within Germany. For more distant event locations we cannot avoid travelling by air, which is why we also compensate all flights of our employees via Atmosfair. 

At the same time, we are working on further possibilities to reduce the number of flights steadily.