Steadily increasing overstimulation and a constant flood of advertising make live communication to one of the most attractive ways to make brands come alive. As a result, the importance of live marketing as a communication tool has been increasing steadily, since you can communicate interactively and all year round with visitors, fans and interested parties. It is hence possible to create a sustainable and emotional attachment or relationship to the staged brand.

Music festivals offer constant frame conditions and are thus one of the few opportunities in the music industry to ensure a long-term planning for sponsors. Festival sponsorship is thus very well suited to attain communication and sales objectives in the young and mobile audiences and target groups.

FKP Scorpio, as the leading festival organizer in Europe, offers you the perfect platforms in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland. We look forward to your request for contact to coordinate all further steps.

Andreas Ibrom
Director Brand Management & Cooperations
E-Mail: andreas.ibrom@fkpscorpio.com

Rouven Rochow
Brand Manager Sponsoring & Cooperations
E-Mail: rouven.rochow@fkpscorpio.com

Anna Maria Hobbold
Brand Manager Sponsoring & Cooperations
E-Mail: anna-maria.hobbold@fkpscorpio.com

Philipp Balzer 
Brand Manager Sponsoring & Cooperations
E-Mail: philipp.balzer@fkpscorpio.com

Corinna Hess 
Brand Manager Sponsoring & Cooperations
E-Mail: corinna.hess@fkpscorpio.com

Tel: 040-853 88 888

Sponsors presentation

What festivals will be ideal for your brand? Which target groups do you reach there? What fees should you expect for our work? Go and see our sponsors manual for all of these answers and more! You can request it from us by email here.