FKP Scorpio brings people together through live music and entertainment. Fueled by passion for what we do, we stay true to our core values trustworthiness and professionalism.

Since 1990, honesty, loyalty and innovation have been the pillars for our growth, as we build long term relations with customers, artists and partners. Our journey from indie entrepreneur to European wide company has always been and is still driven by our love for music and for creating great places for people to come together. We strive to create those moments of magic between people that only can be evoked live.

- For us, the old Hanseatic tradition of shaking hands to settle a deal still holds up.
- Business partners and friends as well as competitors think of us as fair, open minded and down to earth.
- We are always open to talk about problems or difficulties.
- We see the individual music fan in our customers; we treat every one of them with respect, and try to help everyone individually and as quickly as possible.
- We believe that a good idea should not be kept a secret, and like to share our knowledge and experience.
- We are 100% anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-homophobic, and against sexism and discrimination of any kind. We firmly believe in equality, diversity and environmental sustainability.
- We build long-term relations with partners, artists, employees and customers.
- We support artists in the long run; from up-and-coming to headliners.
- We care about our customers and try to not only answer everyone personally, but also consider every feedback or criticism thoroughly.
- We care about our employees, and we wish to meet everyone with the same friendly, open and respectful approach that one may feel between friends or family.
- We all love music, and – from apprentice to CEO – we enjoy concerts ourselves.
- The company was founded out of a love for sharing music and a passion for organizing great events.
- We cultivate an informal indie attitude at all FKP Scorpio locations without sacrificing our professionalism.
- We always search for new ways to make our customers’ lives easier.
- When creating events, we stay innovative and open to try out new concepts.
- We explore new formats to be leading in a digital communication era.