Open Letter

Dear Große Freiheit 36,

With great and growing disappointment, we have had to observe in recent months that you are providing a forum to increasingly dangerous and anti-democratic ideas. Due to indirect calls for violence and the reference to right-wing populist and conspiratorial "media" that do not deserve to be referred to as such, our patience has come to an end.

We can imagine that you see your messages as covered by freedom of expression - and this may also apply to the more harmless parts of your wall newspaper. Most of the indisputable messages seem to have been removed by now, which does not surprise us and probably only happened because of public pressure. We hereby call on you to take down these walls immediately and to henceforth present personal expressions of opinion clearly recognisable as such, instead of acting from behind the cover of the overall construct of your venues. This does not change the damage that has been done and our consequent rejection of this way of thinking. By spreading false information, you are not only instrumentalising us and your own venues, but above all the artists who have contributed significantly to your formerly good name. Many of them, both at home and abroad, have already contacted us about this situation and are no longer willing to play music on your stages - of course, the same applies to our own staff and touring partners. This is both understandable and detrimental to you, as we signatories are responsible for well over 90 percent of your programme.

But in the end, that's not the point: at a time when our industry should be standing together, and when countless people are longing for the unifying power of live culture, you seem to be looking to join forces with conspirators and those who see no contradiction in demonstrating for democracy alongside Nazis. We cannot and will not accept this any longer. Events under your roof are out of the question for us under these conditions - we will accept the resulting damage for all guests and the cultural location of the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg.

But since, unlike you, we do not believe that there is no freedom of expression in this country, we would at least like to give you the opportunity to take a stand regarding this matter. How did these events come about, and do you think there can be a solution that is more than just lip service?

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