FKP Scorpio Sverige unites with Swedish independent Woah Dad Live

Hamburg/Stockholm – FKP Scorpio Sverige – part of the international FKP group - joins forces with Swedish promoter Woah Dad Live. The first mutual projects are already in play.

Last week the new partners teamed behind Swedish artist Håkan Hellström’s groundbreaking record of selling out four Ullevi stadium shows (each with a capacity of aprox. 70 000) in just a couple of hours. Add two Rammstein stadium shows and this weeks announced Björk concert, amongst others, on top of that puts the new allies in the front row of live music in Sweden.

FKP Scorpio, one of Europe’s leading festival and concert promoters, known for festivals such as Southside, Hurricane, Best Kept Secret, Greenfield (CH) and Provinssi (FI) has united with Swedish independent promoter Woah Dad Live (Robyn, Juice Wrld, Håkan Hellström, Post Malone, Asap Rocky, Smash Fest., Daze Days and more).
While FKP Scorpio Sverige have acquired 100% of Woah Dad Live (from Telegram Studios), Woah Dad Live’s executives Niklas Lundell and Joel Borg are entering as shareholders and board members in FKP Scorpio Sverige. The two companies will jointly produce and present all future events. Both brands will still operate under their own name.

“FKP Scorpio has a stable backbone and a well organized structure that will be perfect for us now when growing and taking more ground over here. We’ll bring new ideas and many years of experience in the Scandinavian market into our partnership”, says managing director Niklas Lundell.

FKP Scorpio executive director Folkert Koopmans adds: "We have been working with Woah Dad Live before and are proud of what we have achieved and accomplished. We want to be the best partner for our artists and for the fans. The expertise in our teams when it comes to the Scandinavian market will help us to reach this goal. We have a lot to look forward to and are happy to welcome new members to the FKP Scorpio family”

Starting out in 2011, FKP Scorpio Sweden has grown into one of the leading tour and concert promoters, working with international acts such as Radiohead, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.
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