FKP Scorpio and smash!bang!pow! announce partnership

Hamburg/Kopenhagen - German festival powerhouse and concert promoter FKP Scorpio joins forces with Danish booking agency and artist management company smash!bang!pow!. The first mutual projects are already scheduled.

FKP Scorpio, one of Europe’s leading festival and concert promoters, known for festivals such as Southside (DE), Hurricane (DE), Best Kept Secret (NL) and Greenfield (CH), Provinssi (FI) has established an exclusive partnership with Kopenhagen (DK) based concert promoter and artist management company smash!bang!pow!.
The Danish concert promoter and booking agency smash!bang!pow! has sold 25 percent of the company to FKP Scorpio, thereby becoming an international partner. Since being founded in 2008, smash!bang!pow! has been successful in spotting national and international artists alike, developing them into strong names. These competencies andactivities will be significantly enhanced now through the collaboration with FKP Scorpio. "As an independent concert promoter, we’ve reached a glass ceiling for our growth. We want to climb higher up the food chain, and this requires more resources and a strong international network. That's what we get in the partnership with FKP Scorpio." says Nikolaj Thorenfeldt, Director of smash!bang!pow!
Speaking from Hamburg, where FKP Scorpio has its headquarters, there is great satisfaction with the new partnership. "The Danish music scene is in an incredibly exciting development right now, and the Danish concert market is flourishing. Therefore, we’re pleased that through our collaboration with smash!bang!pow! we get a local partner with a healthy approach to the business and an agency culture that is driven by a real love for the music and the scene in which it stems." says Folkert Koopmans, CEO of FKP Scorpio.
For smash!bang!pow! it has been crucial to find a partner who will further develop the strategy and culture it’s been building over the past decade. "FKP Scorpio and smash!bang!pow! are similar to each other in our DNA and approach to the concert industry. Folkert Koopmans has built his company up from scratch, which characterizes the entire organization. We have had many good talks about this partnership for a long time, which offers a lot of exciting prospects. "concludes Nikolaj Thorenfeldt. The new international partnership means upgrades in the staff at smash!bang!pow! in their Copenhagen office. Viktoria Skovhus will join on December 1st as a booking agent for Danish artists. In addition, Emma Hestbæk has been recently employed as a junior promoter. The first concrete results of the collaboration between smash!bang!pow! and FKP Scorpio have already been launched in the form of the symphonic BBC show “Blue Planet ll” at the Forum in Horsens on February 25th 2019 and the concert with the young Australian super-musician Tash Sultana next summer at K.B.Hallen.
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