Every year 13.000 music lovers and festival fanatics wander off to the mountains and the fjords of Norway´s wild west. Born in 2003, Malakoff Festival promises to be one of the most exciting and unique festival experiences. A promise, it´s been keeping for some time now. Rock music is the foundation, on which this festival is built. But with around 35 Norwegian and international acts, it´s a place for all genres and tastes. While the scenic setting is without a doubt an eyecatcher, it´s much more than just the background for a wild weekend. Three days of happiness and party, yes. But always eco conscious, with an honest concept to make the fun last for years to come.


  • DATE: 22. - 24.07.2021
  • CAPACITY: 13.000
  • GENRE: Rock / Alternative
  • BANDS: ca. 35
  • STAGES: 3
  • WEBSITE: www.malakoff.no