The Plage Noire („Black Beach“) is an exclusive gathering of the dark scene. The two-day festival at the holiday resort “Weissenhäuser Strand” is designed to be a short vacation that entangles its visitors in the somber myth of a merchant daughter eternally condemned to look for her missing husband, and who, just once a year, returns to the beach bordering on the festival grounds. In addition to its unusual setting, the Plage Noire has other aspects worth exploring: Well over 25 concerts of national or international acclaim entertain the visitors who are lodged in comfortable apartments or hotel rooms. Aside from the music, guests may explore other facets of dark culture as well: Art, lectures, workshops – all events are tailored to their need and are held indoors. The stylish resort turns into its own world that will capture the visitor’s minds long after the festival itself. 

Plage Noire

  • DATE: 10/29/2021 – 10/30/2021
  • CAPACITY: 4.000
  • GENRES: Gothic / EBM
  • BANDS: more than 25
  • STAGES: 3
  • WEBSITE: www.plagenoire.de

  • BANDS 2020 (e.g.): Front 242, Fields Of The Nephilim, Schandmaul, Joachim Witt, Diary Of Dreams, [:SITD], Assemblage 23, Stahlmann, Das Ich
  • BANDS 2019 (e.g.): Eisbrecher, And One, Project Pitchfork, Saltatio Mortis, Front Line Assembly, Goethes Erben, In Strict Confidence
  • BANDS 2018 (e.g.): ASP, VNV Nation, Subway To Sally, Blutengel, Mono Inc., Megaherz, Lord Of The Lost, Suicide Commando, Die Krupps