Folkert Koopmans | CEO
Name: Folkert Koopmans Position: CEO E-Mail: assistenzgf[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Stephan Thanscheidt | CEO
Name: Stephan Thanscheidt Position: CEO E-Mail: assistenzgf[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Freddie de Wall | COO
Name: Freddie de Wall Position: COO E-Mail: freddie.dewall[at]fkpscorpio.com
Jörg Jeschke | CFO
Name: Jörg Jeschke Position: CFO E-Mail: joerg.jeschke[at]fkpscorpio.com
Lara Kausch | Assistant to Folkert Koopmans
Name: Lara Kausch Position: Assistant to Folkert Koopmans E-Mail: lara.kausch[at]fkpscorpio.com


Jasper Barendregt | Director Festival Production
Name: Jasper Barendregt Position: Director Festival Production E-Mail: jasper.barendregt[at]fkpscorpio.com
Selina Becker | Company & Festival Sustainability
Name: Selina Becker Position: Company & Festival Sustainability E-Mail: selina.becker[at]fkpscorpio.com
Talissa Buhl | Festival Booking
Name: Talissa Buhl Position: Festival Booking E-Mail: talissa.buhl[at]fkpscorpio.com
Jana Geiger | Assistant Festival Production / Sustainability
Name: Jana Geiger Position: Assistant Festival Production / Sustainability E-Mail: jana.geiger[at]fkpscorpio.com
Angela Görmer | Festival Production / Assistant to Benjamin Hetzer
Name: Angela Görmer Position: Festival Production / Assistant to Benjamin Hetzer E-Mail: angela.goermer[at]fkpscorpio.com
Benjamin Hetzer | Festival Production / Project Manager
Name: Benjamin Hetzer Position: Festival Production / Project Manager E-Mail: benjamin.hetzer[at]fkpscorpio.com
Magoscha Kaczynska | Festival Production / Artist Relation
Name: Magoscha Kaczynska Position: Festival Production / Artist Relation E-Mail: magoscha.kaczynska[at]fkpscorpio.com
Amelie Karka | Assistant Festival Production
Name: Amelie Karka Position: Assistant Festival Production E-Mail: amelie.karka[at]fkpscorpio.com
Sven Knust | Festival Administrator / Festival Controlling
Name: Sven Knust Position: Festival Administrator / Festival Controlling E-Mail: sven.knust[at]fkpscorpio.com
Nils Neumann | Festival Production / Festivaljobs & Festival Check In
Name: Nils Neumann Position: Festival Production / Festivaljobs & Festival Check In E-Mail: nils.neumann[at]fkpscorpio.com
Lisa Foit | Festival Production
Name: Lisa Foit Position: Festival Production E-Mail: lisa.foit[at]fkpscorpio.com
Inga Rossbach | Festival Production / Assistant to Jasper Barendregt
Name: Inga Rossbach Position: Festival Production / Assistant to Jasper Barendregt E-Mail: inga.rossbach[at]fkpscorpio.com
Stefanie Schlagenhaufen | Assistant Festival Production
Name: Stefanie Schlagenhaufen Position: Assistant Festival Production E-Mail: stefanie.schlagenhaufen[at]fkpscorpio.com
Finn Semmerling | Festival Booking
Name: Finn Semmerling Position: Festival Booking E-Mail: finn.semmerling[at]fkpscorpio.com


Christian Wiesmann | Local Head Promoter
Name: Christian Wiesmann Position: Local Head Promoter E-Mail: christian.wiesmann[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Elisabeth Brucker | Assistant Local Promoter
Name: Elisabeth Brucker Position: Assistant Local Promoter E-Mail: elisabeth.brucker[at]fkpscorpio.com
Thilo Elsner | Local Promoter
Name: Thilo Elsner Position: Local Promoter E-Mail: thilo.elsner[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Anton Ihler | Assistant Promoter
Name: Anton Ihler Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: anton.ihler[at]fkpscorpio.com
Carolin Lambert  | Local Administrator
Name: Carolin Lambert Position: Local Administrator E-Mail: carolin.lambert[at]fkpscorpio.com
Fritz Schick | Assistant Local Promoter
Name: Fritz Schick Position: Assistant Local Promoter E-Mail: fritz.schick]at]fkpscorpio.com


Annika Antwi | Assistant Promoter
Name: Annika Antwi Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: annika.antwi[at]fkpscorpio.com
Benjamin Böhnstedt | Promoter
Name: Benjamin Böhnstedt Position: Promoter E-Mail: benjamin.boehnstedt[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Laura Brauer | Assistant Promoter
Name: Laura Brauer Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: laura.brauer[at]fkpscorpio.com
Phillip Brinker | Promoter
Name: Phillip Brinker Position: Promoter E-Mail: phillip.brinker[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Alexandra Büsken | Assistant Promoter
Name: Alexandra Büsken Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: alexandra.buesken[at]fkpscorpio.com
Inga Esseling | Promoter
Name: Inga Esseling Position: Promoter E-Mail: inga.esseling[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Azaria Faghih-Nasiri | Assistant Promoter
Name: Azaria Faghih-Nasiri Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: azaria.nasiri[at]fkpscorpio.com
Benedikt Fetz | Promoter
Name: Benedikt Fetz Position: Promoter E-Mail: benedikt.fetz[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Niklas Krosta | Assistant Promoter
Name: Niklas Krosta Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: niklas.krosta@fkpscorpio.com
Thomas Köster | Promoter
Name: Thomas Köster Position: Promoter E-Mail: thomas.koester[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Milena Löwe | Assistant Promoter
Name: Milena Löwe Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: milena.loewe[at]fkpscorpio.com
Yan Mangels | Promoter
Name: Yan Mangels Position: Promoter E-Mail: yan.mangels[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Michael Nolte | Assistant Promoter
Name: Michael Nolte Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: michael.nolte[at]fkpscorpio.com
Finn Opeldus | Promoter
Name: Finn Opeldus Position: Promoter E-Mail: finn.opeldus[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Steffen Rabe | Promoter
Name: Steffen Rabe Position: Promoter E-Mail: steffen.rabe[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Tilmann Richter | Head of Tour Accounting
Name: Tilmann Richter Position: Head of Tour Accounting E-Mail: tilmann.richter[at]fkpscorpio.com,
Judith Ritz | Assistant Promoter
Name: Judith Ritz Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: judith.ritz[at]fkpscorpio.com
Laurin Rutgers | Assistant Promoter
Name: Laurin Rutgers Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: laurin.rutgers[at]fkpscorpio.com
Bernie Schick | Promoter
Name: Bernie Schick Position: Promoter E-Mail: bernie.schick[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Mario Stresow | Promoter
Name: Mario Stresow Position: Promoter E-Mail: mario.stresow[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Özlem Süle | Promoter Show
Name: Özlem Süle Position: Promoter Show E-Mail: oezlem.suele[at]fkpscorpio.com
Sabi Trick | Promoter
Name: Sabi Trick Position: Promoter E-Mail: sabi.trick[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Max Wedekämper | Promoter
Name: Max Wedekämper Position: Promoter E-Mail: max.wedekaemper[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Mareike Welte | Promoter
Name: Mareike Welte Position: Promoter E-Mail: mareike.welte[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster
Silke Westera | Promoter
Name: Silke Westera Position: Promoter E-Mail: silke.westera[at]fkpscorpio.com Artist-Roster


Ben Rodenberg | Head Promoter
Name: Ben Rodenberg Position: Head Promoter E-Mail: br[at]gastspielreisen.com Artist-Roster
Anna Maria Bauer | Trainee
Name: Anna Maria Bauer Position: Trainee E-Mail: amb@gastspielreisen.com
Johannes Frenzel | Promoter
Name: Johannes Frenzel Position: Promoter E-Mail: jf[at]gastspielreisen.com Artist-Roster
Marie Früchtenicht | Assistant Promoter
Name: Marie Früchtenicht Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: mf[at]gastspielreisen.com
Stefan Samel | Trainee
Name: Stefan Samel Position: Trainee E-Mail: sts[at]gastspielreisen.com


Katja Wittenstein | Director Marketing
Name: Katja Wittenstein Position: Director Marketing E-Mail: katja.wittenstein[at]fkpscorpio.com
Carsten Christians | Coordinator Video Production
Name: Carsten Christians Position: Coordinator Video Production E-Mail: carsten.christians[at]fkpscorpio.com
Dario Dumancic | Head of Digital Marketing
Name: Dario Dumancic Position: Head of Digital Marketing E-Mail: dario.dumancic[at]fkpscorpio.com
Katharina Engeroff | Digital Marketing / Social Media
Name: Katharina Engeroff Position: Digital Marketing / Social Media E-Mail: katharina.engeroff[at]fkpscorpio.com
Nicole Fedorowa | Media Designer
Name: Nicole Fedorowa Position: Media Designer E-Mail: nicole.fedorowa[at]fkpscorpio.com
Mara Horstmann | PR & Marketing Manager
Name: Mara Horstmann Position: PR & Marketing Manager E-Mail: mara.horstmann[at]fkpscorpio.com
Dominik Macak | Media Planning
Name: Dominik Macak Position: Media Planning E-Mail: dominik.macak[at]fkpscorpio.com
Jannis Reiher | Assistant PR Manager Touring
Name: Jannis Reiher Position: Assistant PR Manager Touring E-Mail: jannis.reiher[at]fkpscorpio.com
Jonas Rohde | Head of Communication
Name: Jonas Rohde Position: Head of Communication E-Mail: jonas.rohde[at]fkpscorpio.com
Lara Sagen | Assistant PR Manager Touring
Name: Lara Sagen Position: Assistant PR Manager Touring E-Mail: lara.sagen[at]fkpscorpio.com
Michael Schneider | PR Manager Local Events
Name: Michael Schneider Position: PR Manager Local Events E-Mail: michael.schneider[at]fkpscorpio.com
Asja Schöner | PR Manager Touring
Name: Asja Schöner Position: PR Manager Touring E-Mail: asja.schoener[at]fkpscorpio.com
Tim Ukena | Digital Marketing / Social Media
Name: Tim Ukena Position: Digital Marketing / Social Media E-Mail: tim.ukena[at]fkpscorpio.com
Torsten Weller | Assistant Digital Marketing
Name: Torsten Weller Position: Assistant Digital Marketing E-Mail: torsten.weller[at]fkpscorpio.com
Bernd Zerbin | PR & Marketing Manager
Name: Bernd Zerbin Position: PR & Marketing Manager E-Mail: bernd.zerbin[at]fkpscorpio.com


Andreas Ibrom | Director Brand Management & Cooperations
Name: Andreas Ibrom Position: Director Brand Management & Cooperations E-Mail: andreas.ibrom[at]fkpscorpio.com
Julia Reichenecker | Assistant Project Management
Name: Julia Reichenecker Position: Assistant Project Management E-Mail: julia.reichenecker[at]fkpscorpio.com
Rouven Rochow | Brand Manager Sponsoring & Cooperations
Name: Rouven Rochow Position: Brand Manager Sponsoring & Cooperations E-Mail: rouven.rochow[at]fkpscorpio.com


Stephan Brachem | Graphic Design
Name: Stephan Brachem Position: Graphic Design E-Mail: stephan.brachem[at]fkpscorpio.com
Semra Koc | Graphic Design
Name: Semra Koc Position: Graphic Design E-Mail: semra.koc[at]fkpscorpio.com


Beatrice Beyer | Commercial Development Administrator
Name: Beatrice Beyer Position: Commercial Development Administrator E-Mail: beatrice.beyer[at]fkpscorpio.com
Kristin Hammelmann | Director Commercial Development
Name: Kristin Hammelmann Position: Director Commercial Development E-Mail: kristin.hammelmann[at]fkpscorpio.com


Magnus Tubbesing | Director IT
Name: Magnus Tubbesing Position: Director IT E-Mail: magnus.tubbesing[at]fkpscorpio.com
Jan Hogrefe | IT Administrator
Name: Jan Hogrefe Position: IT Administrator E-Mail: jan.hogrefe[at]fkpscorpio.com
Heiko Menck | System Administrator
Name: Heiko Menck Position: System Administrator E-Mail: heiko.menck[at]fkpscorpio.com
Charles-Dave Engelken | IT Support
Name: Charles-Dave Engelken Position: IT Support E-Mail: charles-dave.engelken[at]fkpscorpio.com
Artur Walth | System Administrator
Name: Artur Walth Position: System Administrator E-Mail: artur.walth[at]fkpscorpio.com


Falko Knupfer | Director Ticketing
Name: Falko Knupfer Position: Director Ticketing E-Mail: falko.knupfer[at]fkpscorpio.com
Julian Burdack | Ticketservice
Name: Julian Burdack Position: Ticketservice E-Mail: julian.burdack[at]fkpscorpio.com
Felix Bruss | Ticketing Festivals
Name: Felix Bruss Position: Ticketing Festivals E-Mail: felix.bruss[at]fkpscorpio.com
Dana Ehlers | Customer Care & Service
Name: Dana Ehlers Position: Customer Care & Service E-Mail: dana.ehlers[at]fkpscorpio.com
Kevin Gervais | Ticketing Tours & Local Shows
Name: Kevin Gervais Position: Ticketing Tours & Local Shows E-Mail: kevin.gervais[at]fkpscorpio.com
Caroline Grimm | Assistant Ticketing
Name: Caroline Grimm Position: Assistant Ticketing E-Mail: caroline.grimm[at]fkpscorpio.com
Felix Höger | Assistant Ticketing Tours & Local Shows
Name: Felix Höger Position: Assistant Ticketing Tours & Local Shows E-Mail: felix.hoeger@fkpscorpio.com
Rebekka Sarpong | Assistant Customer Care & Service
Name: Rebekka Sarpong Position: Assistant Customer Care & Service E-Mail: rebekka.sarpong[at]fkpscorpio.com
Lara Sötje | Assistant Ticketing
Name: Lara Sötje Position: Assistant Ticketing E-Mail: lara.soetje[at]fkpscorpio.com


Joachim Bock | Administration
Name: Joachim Bock Position: Administration E-Mail: joachim.bock[at]fkpscorpio.com
Daniela Bornhöft | Administration
Name: Daniela Bornhöft Position: Administration E-Mail: daniela.bornhoeft[at]fkpscorpio.com
Konstantin Dick | Administration
Name: Konstantin Dick Position: Administration E-Mail: konstantin.dick[at]fkpscorpio.com
Genia Eckstein | Administration
Name: Genia Eckstein Position: Administration E-Mail: genia.eckstein[at]fkpscorpio.com
Monika Geppert | Administration
Name: Monika Geppert Position: Administration E-Mail: monika.geppert[at]fkpscorpio.com
Jennifer Kewitsch | Administration
Name: Jennifer Kewitsch Position: Administration E-Mail: jennifer.kewitsch[at]fkpscorpio.com
Natalie Pervan | Administration
Name: Natalie Pervan Position: Administration E-Mail: natalie.pervan[at]fkpscorpio.com
Christian Repkowski | Administration
Name: Christian Repkowski Position: Administration E-Mail: christian.repkowski[at]fkpscorpio.com
Renald Ruser | Administration
Name: Renald Ruser Position: Administration E-Mail: renald.ruser[at]fkpscorpio.com
Alexandra Hantke | Administration
Name: Alexandra Hantke Position: Administration E-Mail: alexandra.hantke[at]fkpscorpio.com
Sibylle Walter | Administration
Name: Sibylle Walter Position: Administration E-Mail: sibylle.walter[at]fkpscorpio.com
Jana Wulf | Administration
Name: Jana Wulf Position: Administration E-Mail: jana.wulf[at]fkpscorpio.com


Heiko Stinner | Director Controlling
Name: Heiko Stinner Position: Director Controlling E-Mail: heiko.stinner[at]fkpscorpio.com
Laura Fischer | Controller
Name: Laura Fischer Position: Controller E-Mail: laura.fischer[at]fkpscorpio.com


Anna Jensch | Director Human Resources
Name: Anna Jensch Position: Director Human Resources E-Mail: anna.jensch[at]fkpscorpio.com
Frederike Pankoke | HR Administrator
Name: Frederike Pankoke Position: HR Administrator E-Mail: frederike.pankoke[at]fkpscorpio.com
Kira Schröder | HR Administrator
Name: Kira Schröder Position: HR Administrator E-Mail: kira.schroeder[at]fkpscorpio.com


Svenja Malinowski | Office Management
Name: Svenja Malinowski Position: Office Management E-Mail: svenja.malinowski[at]fkpscorpio.com
Kerstin Mommertz | Office Management
Name: Kerstin Mommertz Position: Office Management E-Mail: kerstin.mommertz[at]fkpscorpio.com
Markus Hollwedel | Facility- and Office Management
Name: Markus Hollwedel Position: Facility- and Office Management E-Mail: markus.hollwedel[at]fkpscorpio.com


Michaela Töpfer | Geschäftsführung
Name: Michaela Töpfer Position: Geschäftsführung E-Mail: michaela.toepfer[at]palazzo.org
Juliane Gier | Assistentin der Geschäftsführung
Name: Juliane Gier Position: Assistentin der Geschäftsführung E-Mail: juliane.gier[at]palazzo.org
Stefanie Bauer | Produktion
Name: Stefanie Bauer Position: Produktion E-Mail: stefanie.bauer[at]palazzo.org
Maja Donath | Leitung Vertrieb
Name: Maja Donath Position: Leitung Vertrieb E-Mail: maja.donath[at]palazzo.org
Jessica Föller | Show Departement
Name: Jessica Föller Position: Show Departement E-Mail: jessica.foeller[at]palazzo.org
Steffi Haberl | Director Show Departement
Name: Steffi Haberl Position: Director Show Departement E-Mail: steffi.haberl[at]palazzo.org
Annika Otto | Marketing
Name: Annika Otto Position: Marketing E-Mail: annika.otto[at]palazzo.org
Lisa Kipp | Produktion
Name: Lisa Kipp Position: Produktion E-Mail: lisa.kipp[at]palazzo.org
Corinna Kränke | Grafik
Name: Corinna Kränke Position: Grafik E-Mail: corinna.kraenke[at]palazzo.org
Annemarie Kunze | Show Department
Name: Annemarie Kunze Position: Show Department E-Mail: annemarie.kunze[at]palazzo.org
Lisa Martirosian-Mayr | Show Departement
Name: Lisa Martirosian-Mayr Position: Show Departement E-Mail: lisa.martirosian-mayr[at]palazzo.org
Svenja Morgan-Mävers | Marketing
Name: Svenja Morgan-Mävers Position: Marketing E-Mail: svenja.morgan-maevers[at]palazzo.org
Julia Niehaus | Vertrieb
Name: Julia Niehaus Position: Vertrieb E-Mail: julia.niehaus[at]palazzo.org
Philipp Soika | Food & Beverage
Name: Philipp Soika Position: Food & Beverage E-Mail: philipp.soika[at]palazzo.org
Carina Tanczos | Office Management
Name: Carina Tanczos Position: Office Management E-Mail: carina.tanczos[at]palazzo.org
Nicola Westhoff | Vertrieb
Name: Nicola Westhoff Position: Vertrieb E-Mail: nicola.westhoff[at]palazzo.org
Anna Wieszt | Produktion
Name: Anna Wieszt Position: Produktion E-Mail: anna.wieszt[at]palazzo.org
Marcus Wyrwich | Gastronomischer Leiter
Name: Marcus Wyrwich Position: Gastronomischer Leiter E-Mail: marcus.wyrwich[at]palazzo.org
Janis Zabka | Vertrieb
Name: Janis Zabka Position: Vertrieb E-Mail: janis.zabka[at]palazzo.org

FKP Eventservice

Matthias Graf  | Managing Director
Name: Matthias Graf Position: Managing Director E-Mail: matthias.graf[at]fkpeventservice.com
Marc Engelke  | Managing Director
Name: Marc Engelke Position: Managing Director E-Mail: marc.engelke[at]fkpeventservice.com
Nan Maris Alt | Trainee
Name: Nan Maris Alt Position: Trainee E-Mail: nan-maris.alt[at]fkpeventservice.com
Marcel Erfurt | Project Management Sanitary Solutions
Name: Marcel Erfurt Position: Project Management Sanitary Solutions E-Mail: marcel.erfurt[at]fkpeventservice.com
Ben Gutt  | Head of Sanitary Solutions
Name: Ben Gutt Position: Head of Sanitary Solutions E-Mail: ben.gutt[at]fkpeventservice.com
Dieter Hoffmann | Inventory Sanitary Solutions
Name: Dieter Hoffmann Position: Inventory Sanitary Solutions E-Mail: lager.erfurt[at]fkpeventservice.com
Georg Jelich | Project Management Sanitary Solutions
Name: Georg Jelich Position: Project Management Sanitary Solutions E-Mail: georg.jelich[at]fkpeventservice.com
Sinah Marie Jones | Trainee
Name: Sinah Marie Jones Position: Trainee E-Mail: sinah-marie.jones[at]fkpeventservice.de
Antje Komorek | Payment Solutions / Food & Beverage
Name: Antje Komorek Position: Payment Solutions / Food & Beverage E-Mail: antje.komorek[at]fkpeventservice.com
Harry Kühl | Head of Food & Beverage
Name: Harry Kühl Position: Head of Food & Beverage E-Mail: harry.kuehl[at]fkpeventservice.com
Lennart Menkhaus | Graphic & Design
Name: Lennart Menkhaus Position: Graphic & Design E-Mail: lennart.menkhaus[at]fkpeventservice.com
Katrin Pieter | Project Management Decoration & Inventory
Name: Katrin Pieter Position: Project Management Decoration & Inventory E-Mail: katrin.pieter[at]fkpeventservice.com
Tom Richter | Head of Merchandising
Name: Tom Richter Position: Head of Merchandising E-Mail: tom.richter[at]fkpeventservice.com
Domenik Schade | Assistant Payment Solutions
Name: Domenik Schade Position: Assistant Payment Solutions E-Mail: domenik.schade[at]fkpeventservice.com
Jan Sauer | Production & Onlineshop Merchandising
Name: Jan Sauer Position: Production & Onlineshop Merchandising E-Mail: jan.sauer[at]fkpeventservice.com
Sandra Schiller | Administration Sanitary Solutions
Name: Sandra Schiller Position: Administration Sanitary Solutions E-Mail: sandra.schiller[at]fkpeventservice.com
Silke Schöttgen | Accountant
Name: Silke Schöttgen Position: Accountant E-Mail: silke.schoettgen[at]fkpeventservice.com
Chris Sommer | Trainee
Name: Chris Sommer Position: Trainee E-Mail: chris.sommer[at]fkpeventservice.com


Jola Breer | Trainee
Name: Jola Breer Position: Trainee E-Mail: jola.breer[at]fkpscorpio.com
Paul Göckede | Trainee
Name: Paul Göckede Position: Trainee E-Mail: paul.goeckede[at]fkpscorpio.com
Nick Hammann | Trainee
Name: Nick Hammann Position: Trainee E-Mail: nick.hammann[at]fkpscorpio.com
Levin Hellstern | Trainee
Name: Levin Hellstern Position: Trainee E-Mail: levin.hellstern[at]fkpscorpio.com
Karen Jessen | Trainee
Name: Karen Jessen Position: Trainee E-Mail: karen.jessen[at]fkpscorpio.com
Karl Jurczyk | Trainee
Name: Karl Jurczyk Position: Trainee E-Mail: karl.jurczyk[at]fkpscorpio.com
Jonas Komorek | Trainee
Name: Jonas Komorek Position: Trainee E-Mail: jonas.komorek[at]fkpscorpio.com
Nele Lischka | Trainee
Name: Nele Lischka Position: Trainee E-Mail: nele.lischka[at]fkpscorpio.com
Sophie Markmeier | Trainee
Name: Sophie Markmeier Position: Trainee E-Mail: sophie.markmeier[at]fkpscorpio.com
Stefanie Meier | Trainee
Name: Stefanie Meier Position: Trainee E-Mail: stefanie.meier[at]fkpscorpio.com
Daniel Neugebauer | Trainee
Name: Daniel Neugebauer Position: Trainee E-Mail: daniel.neugebauer[at]fkpscorpio.com
Nina Queisser | Trainee
Name: Nina Queisser Position: Trainee E-Mail: nina.queisser[at]fkpscorpio.com
Marie Sprenger | Trainee
Name: Marie Sprenger Position: Trainee E-Mail: marie.sprenger[at]fkpscorpio.com
Neele Thomsen | Trainee
Name: Neele Thomsen Position: Trainee E-Mail: neele.thomsen[at]fkpscorpio.com
Marvin Werwinski | Trainee
Name: Marvin Werwinski Position: Trainee E-Mail: marvin.werwinski[at]fkpscorpio.com
Nadine Winhard | Trainee
Name: Nadine Winhard Position: Trainee E-Mail: nadine.winhard[at]fkpscorpio.com

FKP Scorpio Schweden

Bozo Rasic | Managing Director
Name: Bozo Rasic Position: Managing Director E-Mail: bozo.rasic[at]fkpscorpio.se
Sara Åkerman | Production Coordinator
Name: Sara Åkerman Position: Production Coordinator E-Mail: sara.akerman[at]fkpscorpio.se
Kajsa Apelqvist | Head of Public Relations
Name: Kajsa Apelqvist Position: Head of Public Relations E-Mail: kajsa.apelqvist[at]fkpscorpio.se
Håkan Durmér | Online & Social Media
Name: Håkan Durmér Position: Online & Social Media E-Mail: hakan.durmer[at]fkpscorpio.se
Fredrik Ericstam | Head of Finance & Administration
Name: Fredrik Ericstam Position: Head of Finance & Administration E-Mail: fredrik.ericstam[at]fkpscorpio.se
Madeleine Hellström | Ticketing Manager & B2B
Name: Madeleine Hellström Position: Ticketing Manager & B2B E-Mail: Madeleine.hellstrom[at]fkpscorpio.se
Johanna Jonasson | Assistant Administration
Name: Johanna Jonasson Position: Assistant Administration E-Mail: johanna.jonasson[at]fkpscorpio.se
Rickard Nilsson | Promoter
Name: Rickard Nilsson Position: Promoter E-Mail: rickard.nilsson[at]fkpscorpio.se
Johanna Sandmark | Assistant Promoter
Name: Johanna Sandmark Position: Assistant Promoter E-Mail: johanna.sandmark[at]fkpscorpio.se
Elina Sjöberg | Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant
Name: Elina Sjöberg Position: Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant E-Mail: elina.sjoberg[at]fkpscorpio.se
Niklas Westergren | Head of Marketing
Name: Niklas Westergren Position: Head of Marketing E-Mail: niklas.westergren[at]fkpscorpio.se
Gabriella Witwicki Carlsson | Assistant Accounting & Administration
Name: Gabriella Witwicki Carlsson Position: Assistant Accounting & Administration E-Mail: gabriella.witwickicarlsson[at]fkpscorpio.se

FKP Scorpio Norwegen

Kedist Bezabih | Promoter
Name: Kedist Bezabih Position: Promoter E-Mail: kedist.bezabih[at]fkpscorpio.no
Hedda Eline Gilberg | Marketing Manager
Name: Hedda Eline Gilberg Position: Marketing Manager E-Mail: hedda.eline.gilberg[at]fkpscorpio.no
Ida Bakke Kristiansen | Production Manager
Name: Ida Bakke Kristiansen Position: Production Manager E-Mail: ida.bakke.kristiansen[at]fkpscorpio.no
Stian Pride | Promoter
Name: Stian Pride Position: Promoter E-Mail: stian.pride[at]fkpscorpio.no

FKP Scorpio Poland

Filip Potocki | CEO
Name: Filip Potocki Position: CEO E-Mail: office[at]fkpscorpio.pl
Jan Brzoza | Operations Manager
Name: Jan Brzoza Position: Operations Manager E-Mail: jan[at]fkpscorpio.pl
Kristina Rosenbusch | Project Management
Name: Kristina Rosenbusch Position: Project Management E-Mail: kristina[at]fkpscorpio.pl
Krzysztof Czarniakowski | Project Manager
Name: Krzysztof Czarniakowski Position: Project Manager E-Mail: krzysztof[at]fkpscorpio.pl
Joanna Muszynska | Marketing Manager
Name: Joanna Muszynska Position: Marketing Manager E-Mail: joanna[at]fkpscorpio.pl

Friendly Fire

Robert Swarts | Managing Director
Name: Robert Swarts Position: Managing Director E-Mail: r.swarts[at]friendlyfire.nl
Roel Coppen | Managing Director
Name: Roel Coppen Position: Managing Director E-Mail: r.coppen[at]friendlyfire.nl
Rense van Kessel | Managing Director
Name: Rense van Kessel Position: Managing Director E-Mail: r.van.kessel[at]friendlyfire.nl
Nikita Aarsman | Booking Assistant
Name: Nikita Aarsman Position: Booking Assistant E-Mail: n.aarsman[at]friendlyfire.nl
Daan de Bruijn | Marketing & Promotions Manager Festivals
Name: Daan de Bruijn Position: Marketing & Promotions Manager Festivals E-Mail: d.de.bruijn[at]friendlyfire.nl
Marcel Buurman | Head of Production
Name: Marcel Buurman Position: Head of Production E-Mail: m.buurman[at]friendlyfire.nl
Pien Feith | Booking Agent
Name: Pien Feith Position: Booking Agent E-Mail: p.feith[at]friendlyfire.nl
Jeroen Gaster | Production Assistant Bookings
Name: Jeroen Gaster Position: Production Assistant Bookings E-Mail: j.gaster[at]friendlyfire.nl
Ivo de Groot | Booking Agent Friendly Fiesta
Name: Ivo de Groot Position: Booking Agent Friendly Fiesta E-Mail: i.de.groot[at]friendlyfire.nl
Jorinde Hiddema | Project Manager Festivals
Name: Jorinde Hiddema Position: Project Manager Festivals E-Mail: j.hiddema[at]friendlyfire.nl
Wesley Hissel | Booking Assistant Friendly Fire Theater
Name: Wesley Hissel Position: Booking Assistant Friendly Fire Theater E-Mail: w.hissel[at]friendlyfire.nl
Sjoerd Huismans | Marketing and Promotion Manager
Name: Sjoerd Huismans Position: Marketing and Promotion Manager E-Mail: s.huismans[at]friendlyfire.nl
Marije van Kapel | Production Manager
Name: Marije van Kapel Position: Production Manager E-Mail: m.van.kapel[at]friendlyfire.nl
Katja Keersmaekers | Head of NL Bookings Division
Name: Katja Keersmaekers Position: Head of NL Bookings Division E-Mail: k.keersmaekers[at]friendlyfire.nl
Pieter Kooijman | Financial Accounting
Name: Pieter Kooijman Position: Financial Accounting E-Mail: p.kooijman[at]friendlyfire.nl
Frederike Luns | Marketing & Promotions Promoted Shows
Name: Frederike Luns Position: Marketing & Promotions Promoted Shows E-Mail: f.luns[at]friendlyfire.nl
Marco Muhring | A&R Manager
Name: Marco Muhring Position: A&R Manager E-Mail: m.muhring[at]friendlyfire.nl
Lauri van Ommen | Promoter
Name: Lauri van Ommen Position: Promoter E-Mail: l.van.ommen[at]friendlyfire.nl
Anneloes Ootes | Marketing Friendly Fire Theater
Name: Anneloes Ootes Position: Marketing Friendly Fire Theater E-Mail: a.ootes[at]friendlyfire.nl
Sarah Oranje | Booking Agent NL
Name: Sarah Oranje Position: Booking Agent NL E-Mail: s.oranje[at]friendlyfire.nl
Rens Peters | Artist Manager/Booking Agent
Name: Rens Peters Position: Artist Manager/Booking Agent E-Mail: r.peters[at]friendlyfire.nl
Marieke te Poele | Event Operations Manager Festivals
Name: Marieke te Poele Position: Event Operations Manager Festivals E-Mail: m.te.poele[at]friendlyfire.nl
Geneviève Smans | Assistant Brand Relations & Sponsoring
Name: Geneviève Smans Position: Assistant Brand Relations & Sponsoring E-Mail: g.smans[at]friendlyfire.nl
Gilles de Smit | Brand Relations & Sponsor Manager
Name: Gilles de Smit Position: Brand Relations & Sponsor Manager E-Mail: g.de.smit[at]friendlyfire.nl
Bianca Sno | Office Manager
Name: Bianca Sno Position: Office Manager E-Mail: b.sno[at]friendlyfire.nl
Sose Stepanian | Booking Assistant NL
Name: Sose Stepanian Position: Booking Assistant NL E-Mail: s.stepanian[at]friendlyfire.nl
Anneke Stulp | Media & Communication Strategist
Name: Anneke Stulp Position: Media & Communication Strategist E-Mail: a.stulp[at]friendlyfire.nl
Sander Timmermans | Booking Agent Friendly Fiesta
Name: Sander Timmermans Position: Booking Agent Friendly Fiesta E-Mail: s.timmermans[at]friendlyfire.nl
Ilja Tromp | Artist manager
Name: Ilja Tromp Position: Artist manager E-Mail: i.tromp[at]friendlyfire.nl
Age Versluis | Booking Agent
Name: Age Versluis Position: Booking Agent E-Mail: a.versluis[at]friendlyfire.nl
Maurits Westerik | Festivaldirector Best Kept Secret
Name: Maurits Westerik Position: Festivaldirector Best Kept Secret E-Mail: m.westerik[at]friendlyfire.nl
Robin De Wildt | Head of Friendly Fire Theater
Name: Robin De Wildt Position: Head of Friendly Fire Theater E-Mail: r.de.wildt[at]friendlyfire.nl


Rauha Kyyrö | Managing Director FKP Scorpio Nordic
Name: Rauha Kyyrö Position: Managing Director FKP Scorpio Nordic E-Mail: rauha[at]fullsteam.fi
Tuomo Tähtinen | Managing Director
Name: Tuomo Tähtinen Position: Managing Director E-Mail: tuomo[at]fullsteam.fi
Anne-Mari Harinen | Production Manager
Name: Anne-Mari Harinen Position: Production Manager E-Mail: anne-mari[at]fullsteam.fi
Heikki Häkkinen | Production Manager
Name: Heikki Häkkinen Position: Production Manager E-Mail: heikki[at]fullsteam.fi
Emma-Lotta Juutilainen | Production Coordinator
Name: Emma-Lotta Juutilainen Position: Production Coordinator E-Mail: emma-lotta[at]fullsteam.fi
Maija Kaarna | Agent
Name: Maija Kaarna Position: Agent E-Mail: maija[at]fullsteam.fi
Johannes Kinnunen | COO & Publicist
Name: Johannes Kinnunen Position: COO & Publicist E-Mail: johannes[at]fullsteam.fi
Ari Koskinen | Agent & Promoter
Name: Ari Koskinen Position: Agent & Promoter E-Mail: ari[at]fullsteam.fi
Hanna Koura | Ticketing Manager
Name: Hanna Koura Position: Ticketing Manager E-Mail: hanna[at]fullsteam.fi
Iina Maula | Project Manager
Name: Iina Maula Position: Project Manager E-Mail: Iina[at]fullsteam.fi
Anna Mäkelä | Marketing & PR Manager
Name: Anna Mäkelä Position: Marketing & PR Manager E-Mail: anna[at]fullsteam.fi
Iida Nieminen  | Marketing & PR Assistant
Name: Iida Nieminen Position: Marketing & PR Assistant E-Mail: iida[at]fullsteam.fi
Krista Nupponen | Controller
Name: Krista Nupponen Position: Controller E-Mail: krista[at]fullsteam.fi
Laura Oikarinen | Agency Assistant
Name: Laura Oikarinen Position: Agency Assistant E-Mail: laura[at]fullsteam.fi
Aino-Maria Paasivirta | Promoter
Name: Aino-Maria Paasivirta Position: Promoter E-Mail: aino-maria[at]fullsteam.fi
Artemi Remes | Promoter
Name: Artemi Remes Position: Promoter E-Mail: artemi[at]fullsteam.fi
Toni Ritonen | Agent
Name: Toni Ritonen Position: Agent E-Mail: toni[at]fullsteam.fi
Liina Rislakki | Personal assistant to Rauha Kyyrö
Name: Liina Rislakki Position: Personal assistant to Rauha Kyyrö E-Mail: liina[at]fullsteam.fi
Minette Ristikari | Marketing & PR Manager
Name: Minette Ristikari Position: Marketing & PR Manager E-Mail: minette[at]fullsteam.fi
Sami Siilin | Agent
Name: Sami Siilin Position: Agent E-Mail: sami[at]fullsteam.fi
Mika Sorola | Agent
Name: Mika Sorola Position: Agent E-Mail: mika[at]fullsteam.fi
Joona Teittinen | Production Manager
Name: Joona Teittinen Position: Production Manager E-Mail: joona[at]fullsteam.fi
Mirkku Tenhunen  | Finance and Administrative Assistant
Name: Mirkku Tenhunen Position: Finance and Administrative Assistant E-Mail: mirkku[at]fullsteam.fi
Vilhelmiina Viitaniemi | Production Manager
Name: Vilhelmiina Viitaniemi Position: Production Manager E-Mail: vilhelmiina[at]fullsteam.fi

Arcadia Live

Filip Potocki | Managing Partner & Booking
Name: Filip Potocki Position: Managing Partner & Booking E-Mail: filip[at]arcadia-live.com
Nils Bastecky | Booking
Name: Nils Bastecky Position: Booking E-Mail: nils[at]arcadia-live.com
Anna Bellmond | Online Marketing & Grafik
Name: Anna Bellmond Position: Online Marketing & Grafik E-Mail: anna[at]arcadia-live.com
Clemens Ederer | Production Management
Name: Clemens Ederer Position: Production Management E-Mail: clemens[at]arcadia-live.com
Rebekka Grüner | Boxoffice
Name: Rebekka Grüner Position: Boxoffice E-Mail: bekki[at]arcadia-live.com
Thomas Hangweyrer | CEO Assistant
Name: Thomas Hangweyrer Position: CEO Assistant E-Mail: tom[at]arcadia-live.com
Uli Hilger | Head Of Finance & Administration
Name: Uli Hilger Position: Head Of Finance & Administration E-Mail: uli[at]arcadia-live.com
Silvio Huber | Head Of Booking
Name: Silvio Huber Position: Head Of Booking E-Mail: silvio[at]arcadia-live.com
Martin Illmeyer | Promotion
Name: Martin Illmeyer Position: Promotion E-Mail: martin[at]arcadia-live.com
Nina Müller | Office Management
Name: Nina Müller Position: Office Management E-Mail: nina[at]arcadia-live.com
Florian Palmsteiner | Finance Assistant
Name: Florian Palmsteiner Position: Finance Assistant E-Mail: flo[at]arcadia-live.com
Klaus Plewa | Booking
Name: Klaus Plewa Position: Booking E-Mail: klaus[at]arcadia-live.com
Eva Reschreiter | Promotion
Name: Eva Reschreiter Position: Promotion E-Mail: eva[at]arcadia-live.com
Frank Schachinger | Production Management
Name: Frank Schachinger Position: Production Management E-Mail: frank[at]arcadia-live.com
Linda Schürer-Waldheim | Ticketing & Marketing
Name: Linda Schürer-Waldheim Position: Ticketing & Marketing E-Mail: linda[at]arcadia-live.com
Judith Wesely | Project Manager & Booking Assistent
Name: Judith Wesely Position: Project Manager & Booking Assistent E-Mail: judith[at]arcadia-live.com
Markus Weber | Organisation
Name: Markus Weber Position: Organisation E-Mail: mw[at]arcadia-live.com
Jonathan Zott | Booking
Name: Jonathan Zott Position: Booking E-Mail: jonathan[at]arcadia-live.com
Petra Öhlinger | Boxoffice
Name: Petra Öhlinger Position: Boxoffice E-Mail: petra[at]arcadia-live.com
Irem Önder | Booking Assistent
Name: Irem Önder Position: Booking Assistent E-Mail: irem[at]arcadia-live.com


Nikolaj Thorenfeldt | CEO & Head Promoter
Name: Nikolaj Thorenfeldt Position: CEO & Head Promoter E-Mail: nikolaj[at]smashbangpow.dk
Jens Petersen | CFO & Head of Marketing
Name: Jens Petersen Position: CFO & Head of Marketing E-Mail: jens[at]smashbangpow.dk
Kasper Bisgaard-Rasmussen | Promoter
Name: Kasper Bisgaard-Rasmussen Position: Promoter E-Mail: kasper[at]smashbangpow.dk
Emma Hestbæk | Junior Promoter
Name: Emma Hestbæk Position: Junior Promoter E-Mail: emma[at]smashbangpow.dk
Keith Lemmon | Project Leader
Name: Keith Lemmon Position: Project Leader E-Mail: keith[at]smashbangpow.dk
Viktoria Skovhus | Booking Agent
Name: Viktoria Skovhus Position: Booking Agent E-Mail: viktoria[at]smashbangpow.dk
Tom Spray | Booking Agent
Name: Tom Spray Position: Booking Agent E-Mail: tom[at]smashbangpow.dk
Diana Uh | Marketing Assistant
Name: Diana Uh Position: Marketing Assistant E-Mail: diana[at]smashbangpow.dk